Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st cycle done...

So I went to the doctor today to find out if the first round of Clomid worked and by the looks of it, it worked quite well. My chart was reading just as expected (which gave me a good feeling as time went on), and he said that my progesterone level was "really good" (78.5, whatever that means), so it appears as though I ovulated (cue singing choir angels, Hallellujah!)

Now, whether or not that means I'll get pregnant is another story. Right now I'm just waiting for the dreaded flow to start and indicate that this month was a bust, move on to the next. The doctor gave me 2 more prescriptions for the clomid, said take 'em if you need 'em, and if they don't work (ie: I'm not pregnant), to 'take a break' for 3 months then come back to see him....soooo, if I don't get pregnant within the next 2 months I'll have to wait until October or so to try the next thing. Pressure much?

So, that's about it. Of course, I'm hoping for a lack of period and a positive sign next week, but I'm not holding my breath, after all this time I doubt it's going to be that easy. But we shall see.

Good news, I suffered no side effects whatsoever, and it was fairly easy to do, so all in all I can't complain about the Clomid Experience.

Be back once I have news, good or bad I guess.

Friday, May 1, 2009

No eggies.

I'm at work and been slacking way too long, so I'll make this short. Went to the doctor yesterday and:

-Dan's sperm is fine.
-My bloodwork indicates that I'm not ovulating.
-Going to start my 1st round of Clomid this cycle.
-Going back to see him on Day 28 of my cycle to see how I responded to the treatment.

So, that's about it in a nutshell. I'm pretty excited to get started actually, 'cause it might actually work...maybe not though, from what I've read it's only a 30-50% success rate, so still pretty low, but it's better than nothing I suppose.

I'm also annoyed/worried right now because I'm 6 days late (no, not pg, took a test on Wednesday before going to the doc's), so I'm really hoping that my periods aren't going to disappear again like they did in 2007. It would just be appropriate for that to happen though, just to spite me. Now that I actually need my period to start this treatment, it decides to not show up, so that I'll have to go back to my family doc to try and kickstart that again, wasting another 3 months...ok, I'm going to stop, trying to think positively.

So that's the situation now. Am I happy about it? Not overly, but like I said, I'm hopeful. I can't wait to get started basically. Get this show on the road.

I'll update once I start the Clomid to report any side effects or interesting-ness....or if I become forced to move 2 steps back and try to regulate my cycles again (seriously, I was regular for 9 months before this!!)

I'm out.

ETA: So funny when things happen like that. Pretty much immediately after I wrote this I started spotting and I'm now on Day 1 of my cycle. So that's great news, one less thing to worry about. It was just a long cycle (47 days!) So as it looks now I'll be visiting the doc at the end of the month to see how things go, wish me luck!!