Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Facts

Ok, so here is the basic info:

-25 years old
-average weight (130 pounds)
-average to poor diet (I don't eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but I'm not eating Mcdonald's everyday either, I drink a decent amount of water)
-average to low exercise amount (I walk about 20-25 mins a day to and from work, bus, etc)

The medical stuff:

-very irregular cycles (missed periods for months at a time, didn't get my period until amost 16)
-was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome in Jan 08; no treatment whatsoever
-been told I have hypothyroidism (slow metabolism); not taking anything for it
-been told I have peripheral cysts on my ovaries; nothing has been done since
-didn't have a period for nearly 8 months in '07
-been having regular periods since Oct '07 or so
-have been off birth control pills since Dec '06 (went back on in August and September 07 but went off them again)
-average of 8-12 "times" a month for hubs and I
-last time I saw the doctor: Nov or Dec 07 (can't remember)
-been trying to conceive for over a year (since I went off the bc pills in Oct '07 and my periods came back)
-no fertility treatements or aid or any kind; just been trying the old fashioned way

So there you have it. Some obvious reasons for not getting pregnant in there I guess, when you have it all mapped out, but the thing is, I feel like I'm a very healthy person. Even the hypothyroidism has no symptoms (fatigue is average, no weight gain or loss, etc)

So, I always say that I'm the "healthiest sick person" around. Not that it's doing me alot of good.

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